Y Yn Tir - Ffion Denman & Matthew Harry @ Ffoto Newport

Y Yn Tir - Ffion Denman & Matthew Harry @ Ffoto Newport

Y Yn Tir - Ffion Denman & Matthew Harry @ Ffoto Newport

Opening 5th August 2022 5:30pm

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The story of industry in Wales is one of extraction from the land.

Slate from the north roofed the world, hued from the misty mountains of ancient legend. Providing as hard-wearing a product as the land's inhabitants. Iron ore all over the world came to be smelted in the white-heat of Port Talbot's flames. One of passion which burns brightly, a culture rich of smiths of both steel and words. To transport these goods, great railway networks were built. Running to the coast, exporting these products around the globe.

In the post-industrial Wales we now live in, the sound of holltwrs might well have fallen silent over the mountains of Snowdonia. Only to be replaced by the sound of tourists in the now world heritage site. The workforce at Port Talbot might have dwindled from its historical highs but hasn't stopped the flow of steel from the blast furnaces - becoming a focal point for the town's creative talent.

And the once grand railway network was culled to a few major routes and branch lines. Those permanent ways became the foundation for today’s bypasses, providing new superhighways for the hi-tech industries of today.

The extraction from the land continues, the story never truly ending.

Yn y Tir is a group exhibition by Ffion Denman who depicts the landscapes of post-industrial Wales and Matthew Harry whose photographic practice focuses upon infrastructure and its intertwining with communities. Both exploring Wales’ relationships, past and present, with the land and how this has influenced culture, community, and language.

-Ffion Denman and Matthew Harry, 2022

5th - 27th August 2022

Thursday & Sunday 12 - 4pm

Friday 5:30 - 8pm

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