A ROYAL WEDDING IN NEWPORT - Ian Walker @ffotonewport

A ROYAL WEDDING IN NEWPORT - Ian Walker @ffotonewport

A ROYAL WEDDING IN NEWPORT - Ian Walker @ffotonewport

Join us on the 15th June.

In the Spring of 1981, the announcement came that the marriage of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer would take place that summer. The shops of Newport, large and small, displayed messages of congratulation, followed by displays in the windows of terraced houses in Baneswell, Maindee and Pill. Since Newport was apparently the most average town in Britain, this was presumably replicated across the country. The wedding day was marked by street parties, but alas the fairytale was not to last. And no royal event since has been accompanied by any such outpouring of emotion.

When he retired in 2013, Ian Walker was Professor of Photography at the University of South Wales. He had also been course leader for the MA in Documentary Photography. He has written books and articles as well as pursuing his own photography; see his website ‘ianwalkerphoto.com’.

Join us on the 15th of June from 6pm for a night of photography, networking and good vibes.

Ffoto Newport at @newportarcade.

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