NOSTOS ALGOS - Charlie Lockwood @ Ffoto Newport

NOSTOS ALGOS - Charlie Lockwood @ Ffoto Newport

NOSTOS ALGOS - Charlie Lockwood @ Ffoto Newport

Saturday 4th November 6pm - 8pm @ Ffoto Newport

We invite you back to the gallery next month for a night of photography, networking, food and drink as we host an exhibition by @charlielockwoodphotography.
My practice is a study of the human condition through an explorative multifaceted process. I use performance

and introspection to investigate psychological complexities that are not visible to the human eye. I work

predominately with photography; however, my ideas have been explored through mixed media and spoken


I propose a solo exhibition of my work titled “Nostos Algos “which is a response to the theme of Nostalgia. The

work consists of photographs, found objects, a spoken word piece and 35mm photographic slides. This

investigative project addresses the unavoidability of this phenomenon juxtaposed with the impossibility of

resolution. The idea was conceived from a site


specific project that prompted childhood memories along the

River Taff. Throughout the practice a methodological pattern developed of restorative behaviour and repetition.

The drive to recreate such memories from the 80s became compulsive and strangely fabricated. This process

became central to the work. I have used sensory influencers such as objects, sound and photography that

connect to childhood memories and represent the yearning to restore an idealized past. Additionally, each

medium touches upon the vast emotive responses that are experienced both personally and universally. The

combination of different mediums connects these experiences in order to extend the transient experience of

the nostalgic and prompt philosophical thought.

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