The Crumlin Arm by Finley Chivers (singed)

The Crumlin Arm by Finley Chivers (singed)

The Crumlin Arm by Finley Chivers (singed)

The Crumlin Arm is a stretch of canal from Crumlin to Newport. The project explores how a canal built for industry, went on to live a life of leisure. Looking at how people use the space and how the environment has evolved to suit its new purpose.

Construction of The Crumlin Arm canal started in the late 1700s. It took near on a decade to fully complete. Lots of Irish navies were employed during this time. They weren't paid a lot and the job was hard and dangerous.

The canal was created to bring goods from the valleys into Newport docks. At first the majority of the tonnage was coal or iron. A general cargo boat ran twice a week. Bricks from Alltyryn brick works were a later addition. Between 1800 and 1810 the population of Newport doubled and tens of thousand of tons were being exported each year. By the early 1800s the canal had peaked and was now mainly dealing with agricultural and domestic goods.

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