AgfaPhoto Platinum 4LR44/PX28

AgfaPhoto Platinum 4LR44/PX28

AgfaPhoto Platinum 4LR44/PX28

The AgfaPhoto battery collection uses the latest technology whilst still incorporating an eco-friendly attitude and most importantly fulfils the demands of even the most power hungry devices.


AgfaPhoto recognises the importance of the consumer being able to easily identify the best performing battery for the right device. Our packaging now includes a ‘quick look’ visual, grading the performance and suitability making the selection process easier

Our Alkaline battery range offer longer lasting dependable power to thirsty devices such as cameras, toys, electronic games and more. They are the popular power solution giving you trusted quality and great value.

Trusted quality and long lasting performance when you need it most. The AgfaPhoto Alkaline battery range gives you the peace of mind you have the dependable power solution for those everyday devices.

Pack of 2 D Batteries


Lasts up to 7 times longer than zinc batteries

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We are based in Newport South Wales, We offer worldwide shipping on all orders

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