Justin Rossiter

Workshop & Darkroom Director

Justin Rossiter is a highly skilled photographer with a deep-rooted passion for the art of black and white film photography and the intricacies of the darkroom. As the Workshop & Darkroom Director at ffoto newport, Justin brings his expertise and dedication to providing a platform for photographers to explore and refine their craft.

With an unwavering commitment to the art of film photography, Justin specializes in capturing the essence of subjects through the timeless medium of black and white. His mastery of composition, lighting, and the nuances of film allows him to create captivating and evocative images that reveal a profound understanding of his subjects.

In addition to his proficiency in black and white film photography, Justin is renowned for his ability to create stunning studio portraits. With an innate talent for capturing the essence of individuals, he employs a combination of technical expertise and a keen eye for detail to produce striking and intimate portraits that truly connect with the viewer.

Justin's love for the darkroom is undeniable. He revels in the magic of the traditional photographic process, meticulously crafting each print by hand. His expertise in the darkroom allows him to bring out the full potential of each image, coaxing out rich tonalities and creating a tangible connection between the photograph and the viewer.

As the Workshop & Darkroom Director at ffoto newport, Justin shares his knowledge and passion with aspiring photographers, guiding them through the intricacies of film photography and the darkroom process. Through workshops and educational programs, he empowers individuals to explore their creativity, learn the art of film photography, and master the techniques that bring their visions to life.

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